How AI Improves Copywriting

Last modified on: April 15th, 2024

How AI Improves Copywriting

Looking for ways to improve your copywriting? Find out how AI improves copywriting and increases writing productivity for new and experienced copywriters alike.

Are you a new blogger, marketer, or starting a role that requires a lot of copywriting? If you're just starting out, writing more often can feel daunting if you don't have much writing experience. Effective copywriting takes time and effort. Fortunately, AI can help.

7 Effective Ways AI Improves Copywriting

Today, you can use cutting-edge AI tools to improve your copywriting while increasing your writing productivity. Here are 7 effective ways AI improves copywriting:

1. Generate a Blog Post Outline

A powerful way AI improves copywriting is by being able to generate content outlines in seconds. One of the best ways to write a blog post is to start with an outline. You can use an AI copywriting tool to create a post outline for you. To generate a high-quality outline, AI writing tools often request a couple of details about your blog topic. The more details you can give the better, so if you have notes from brainstorming or previous writing, make sure to include these. Once submitted, the AI will instantly generate a new blog post outline.

2. Generate Titles & Headlines

AI copywriting tools let you generate a limitless number of titles and headlines for your blog posts, articles, or landing pages. AI improves copywriting by giving you the ability to create a range of different headline variations by using the key themes from your writing content or by submitting a few copy snippets. You can also use both rephrasing/rewriting tools and outliner options to come up with different headline ideas in advance.

3. Rewrite Copy for More Ideas

The best AI copywriting tools include the ability to re-generate content continuously. Check out this helpful review of Jasper (previously Jarvis AI), which is one such AI copywriting tool that provides a content rewriting feature, a content improver, and rephrasing options among many others. Having AI assist you in rewriting copy gives lets you generate an endless amount of new copy ideas and variations down to single paragraphs and sentences.

4. Detect Spelling & Grammer Errors

AI improves copywriting productivity and lets you focus more on the content of your copy by helping to detect spelling and grammar mistakes. For example, combining the AI of the Grammarly writing assistant with an AI copywriting tool like Jasper AI will help you create high-quality and original copy fast. The copy generated by good AI copywriting software can also help you naturally improve your spelling and grammar, simply by reading through content generated by the AI.

5. Create a Natural Flow in Your Writing

The best AI copywriting tools provide features that help you create a natural writing flow. For instance, Jasper AI improves copywriting with its many content suggestion features that let you generate several paragraphs at a time, perform “fill in the blank” copy output, change the writing tone, generate topic clusters, and more. All these AI writing features can help you write original pieces of text that flow well together.

6. Easily Structure Your Writing

Combining AI tools that offer an outliner option with rephrasing/rewriting tools can help you structure your writing effortlessly. Simply use the outliner to list each point from your blog post, article, or page outline. Then let an AI tool take it from there and rephrase/rewrite the outline into an original piece of content with headers, subsections, and paragraph text automatically for you!

6. Ensure Unique Copy Across Platforms

AI can help you make sure your copywriting is unique across the marketing and messaging platforms you use, such as social media and email. You can use the rephrasing/rewriting features of AI tools to ensure your copy is unique and relevant for different segments of your audience and each platform you publish on. AI helps generate unique and engaging variations of your content, so you can focus on increasing traffic and conversions.

Using AI for Improved Copywriting

As you can see, AI improves copywriting in many valuable ways. AI helps generate high-quality copywriting content fast, making the process of writing blog posts or generating other written marketing materials easier for new and experienced copywriters alike.

AI tools are great for creating original headlines and copy to keep your content fresh, assisting in creating outlines and drafts before publishing, providing copy ideas, as well as detecting spelling and grammar mistakes. It's also easy to make sure your copy is unique across different channels like social media and email too!

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