15 Best SEO Audit Software Tools (2024)

Last modified on: April 15th, 2024

Looking for the best technical SEO audit tools to optimize your website?

In this post, we review the best SEO audit tools in 2024 for identifying issues and opportunities that impact website visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Best SEO Audit Tools Overview

Here is a quick overview of the best auditing tools for SEO. More details about each tool are discussed below, including their key features and plan options.

Learn more about the best SEO audit tools and their features below.

What to Look For in SEO Audit Software

Consider these factors when choosing the best SEO audit software for your needs:

  • SEO audit results are accurate, reliable, and understandable.
  • Helpful suggestions are provided for fixing SEO errors and issues.
  • The software tool provides clear, concise, and actional advice.
  • The ability to effectively crawl all of your website's pages.
  • The tool has a history of consistent usage and positive reviews.

The SEO tools below include functionality that covers many of the primary audit tasks related to crawling, evaluating, and optimizing a website and its search presence.

Note: Some of these SEO tools are complete platforms with audit features built-in, while others are more specialized niche tools for auditing specific aspects of a website.

What Are the Best SEO Audit Tools?

Based on testing and reviewing these SEO tools for auditing and optimizing websites, here are the 15 best SEO audit tools:

1. SE Ranking

Best SEO Audit Tools in Low-Cost All-In-One Platform

SE Ranking - One of the Best SEO Audit Tools

SE Ranking is a popular all-in-one SEO software with SEO audit tools for assessing website health, technical issues, on-page SEO issues, domain authority, and backlinks.

The SEO platform also includes a keyword rank tracker, competitive research features, a keyword research tool, and a custom report builder for monitoring SEO results.

SE Ranking Features

  • Analyze website health and technical SEO metrics within a single dashboard with easy-to-follow tips for resolving any identified issues.
  • Technical SEO audit issues include user experience-based core web vital scores, web page indexing status, broken links, redirects, internal links, link anchor text, on-page elements like titles and headers, meta tags, image alt text, and sitemap issues.
  • Track off-page SEO metrics such as a website domain's search authority, backlinks, popular pages, search engine rankings, and organic search traffic estimates.
  • An on-page SEO tool with suggestions to optimize content for specific keywords.
  • Schedule SEO site audits on-demand, weekly, or monthly.
  • Compare audit results and create automated website audit reports.

SE Ranking Plans & Pricing

SE Ranking Pricing 2023

SE Ranking offers three flexible pricing plans:

  • Essential – Starts at $49/month
  • Pro – Starts at $109/month
  • Business – Starts at $239/month

You can save up to 20% with annual billing.

Custom plans are also available for higher usage needs.

Essential Plan SEO Audit Features

The SE Ranking Essential Plan lets you:

  • Create 10 website projects
  • Crawl 7,000 pages per project
  • Crawl 30,000 pages total each month
  • Audit 150 pages with the on-page SEO checker

The Essential plan is best for freelance SEOs, digital marketers, and small projects.

Pro Plan SEO Audit Features

The SE Ranking Pro Plan lets you:

  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Crawl 40,000 pages per project
  • Crawl 150,000 pages total per month
  • Audit 450 pages per month with the on-page SEO tool

The Pro plan is best for growing businesses, SEO professionals, and agencies.

Business Plan SEO Audit Features

The SE Ranking Business Plan lets you:

  • Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Crawl 80,000 pages per project
  • Crawl 450,000 pages total per month
  • Audit 750 pages with the on-page auditor tool

The Business plan is best for large businesses and digital marketing agencies.

SE Ranking is an all-in-one platform with in-depth SEO audit and reporting features at a low price compared to other SEO tools with auditing features on the market.

The SEO toolkit is perfect for auditing up to 80,000 pages per website or 700,000 pages in total for all sites with the website audit tool, and up to 750 web pages per day with the on-page SEO checker (Business plan limits).

Check out my SE Ranking review to learn more about SE Ranking's features.

SE Ranking Offer: 14-Day Free Trial

2. Semrush

Best SEO Audit Tools in a Complete Online Marketing Platform

Semrush - Best SEO Audit Tools

Semrush is a leading digital marketing platform with tools for managing online visibility, including SEO audits, rank tracking, competitor research, PPC, and social media.

The platform includes a powerful SEO audit tool to evaluate a website's technical and on-page SEO health, a backlink analytics tool to assess a site's domain authority and backlink profile, a content audit tool to analyze page-level data, and a report builder.

Semrush Features

  • A dedicated site audit tool with over 120 on-page and technical SEO checks organized by errors, warnings, and notices along with helpful recommendations.
  • Identify technical SEO audit issues related to crawlability and architecture, on-page SEO, implementation of HTTPS, international SEO, the use of AMP pages, SEO performance, link issues like broken links, and internal linking.
  • Keyword research and content audit tools for finding keywords to target and suggestions for optimizing content based on SEO best practices and competitors.
  • A backlink checker tool to check link quality, competitor insights, off-page SEO metrics related to inspecting backlinks, keyword rankings, organic traffic estimates, and top pages by traffic.
  • Schedule automated website audits to run once, daily, or weekly.
  • Compare audit results side-by-side and create website audit reports.

Semrush Plans & Pricing

Semrush Plans & Pricing

Semrush provides three fixed plans:

  • Pro – $119.95/month
  • Guru – $229.95/month
  • Business – $449.95/month

Annual plans offer a discount of up to 17% off.

Custom enterprise plans are also available.

Pro Plan SEO Audit Features

The Semrush Pro plan lets you:

  • Create up to 5 website projects
  • Crawl up to 20,000 pages per project
  • Crawl up to 100,000 total pages per month

The Pro plan is best for freelance digital marketers and small businesses.

Guru Plan SEO Audit Features

The Semrush Guru plan lets you:

  • Create 15 projects
  • Crawl 20,000 page crawls per project
  • Crawl 300,000 total pages per month

The Guru plan is best for small to mid-sized businesses and marketing agencies.

Business Plan SEO Audit Features

The Semrush Business plan lets you:

  • Create 40 projects
  • Crawl 100,000 pages per project
  • Crawl 1,000,000 pages per month

The Business plan is best for large businesses, agencies, and enterprise companies.

Get more details on the differences between Semrush pricing plans here.

Semrush provides industry-leading features for site auditing, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and reporting for any type of website.

The platform works great for crawling up to 1,000,000 pages per month and 20,000 pages with the separate content audit tool (Business plan limits).

Check out my Semrush review to learn more about its key features in 2024.

Semrush offers a 7-day free trial of its Pro or Guru plans. The free trial allows you to crawl and audit up to 300,000 pages with the site audit tool.

Semrush Offer: 7-Day Free Trial

3. Ahrefs

Best SEO Audit Tools with Extensive Competitor Data

Ahrefs - SEO Audit Tools

Ahrefs is a reputable all-in-one SEO platform with technical search engine optimization audit tools for analyzing the health of a website and page-level issues.

Additional tools include a site explorer feature for checking off-page SEO metrics like domain authority and backlinks and a keyword explorer tool for several search engines.

Ahrefs Features

  • Monitor your website's SEO health and check for 100+ SEO issues related to website architecture, site performance, and technical SEO with suggestions for fixing issues.
  • Check for SEO audit issues related to page indexability, page links, broken links, redirects, page depth, social tags, titles and headers, meta tags, images, JavaScript, CSS, and page speed.
  • Analyze off-site SEO and competitor-related metrics like backlinks, Google rankings, a site's most popular pages, and organic traffic estimates.
  • Schedule SEO audit crawls on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • The website audit tool is free to use for one verified website project.

Ahrefs Plans & Pricing

Ahrefs Plans & Pricing

Ahrefs offers 4 fixed plans:

  • Lite – $99/month
  • Standard – $179/month
  • Advanced – $399/month
  • Agency – $999/month

Ahrefs provides 2 months free with annual subscriptions.

Enterprise plans are also available upon request.

Lite Plan SEO Audit Features

The Ahrefs Lite plan includes:

  • 10,000 crawl credits per month
  • 4 months of data retention

The Lite plan is best for freelance SEOs and digital marketing consultants.

Standard Plan SEO Audit Features

The Ahrefs Standard plan includes:

  • 500,000 crawl credits per month
  • 3 months of retained data

The Standard plan is best for small businesses and SEO professionals.

Advanced Plan SEO Audit Features

The Ahrefs Advanced plan includes:

  • 1.25 million crawl credits per month
  • 6 months of data saved

The Advanced plan is best for growing businesses and marketing agencies.

Enterprise Plan SEO Audit Features

The Ahrefs Enterprise plan includes:

  • 2.5 million crawl credits per month
  • 12 months of data retention

The Enterprise plan is best for large businesses and marketing agencies.

Additional crawl credits cost $50 per 500,000 more crawls for all plans.

The SEO website checker tool is free to use for one verified website and includes 5,000 crawl credits per month (10,000 for verified sites), which are used when you crawl an HTML page with status code 200.

Ahrefs also offers a $7 trial with access to all features of the selected plan for 7 days.

The SEO toolkit is useful for assessing a website for technical SEO issues at the page level and comparing a site to competitors for metrics like backlinks and rankings.

Ahrefs offers a nice balance of competitive analysis features with keyword research and technical SEO audits. However, the software lacks on-page content auditing.

For content optimization, check out an SEO software that includes on-page content auditor features like Semrush, SE Ranking, or Surfer.

Ahrefs Offer: 7-day trial for $7

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Best SEO Audit Tool for Website Crawling on Desktop

Screaming Frog SEO Spider - SEO Site Audit Tools

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is one of the best SEO audit tools for desktops. The site crawler is designed to quickly audit web pages for technical and on-site SEO issues.

The SEO spider tool requires downloading to Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu.

Screaming Frog Features

  • Scan hundreds of website pages to check page titles, headers, meta tags like the meta description, image alt text, word count, and more.
  • Screaming Frog provides a quick way to detect page URL issues such as broken links (404s), page redirects, redirect chains and loops, near-identical content, and potential server errors.
  • The website crawler is useful for checking internal links pointing to pages and their anchor text, which can help you see which links can be improved or which web pages could use more or fewer links.
  • Visualize your site architecture, inspect internal linking and page URL structure with tree graph site visualizations, and compare crawls.
  • The free version of the auditor tool lets you crawl up to 500 page URLs for free.

Screaming Frog Plans & Pricing

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Plans & Pricing

Screaming Frog provides a free plan that lets you crawl up to 500 page URLs and a paid plan that costs £149.00 per year (pricing presented in Euros) that lets you crawl unlimited URLs with access to many other features such as scheduling, audit saving, more crawl configurations, and integration options, among others.

With the paid plan, the maximum number of URLs you can crawl is dependent on your computer's allocated memory and storage. A discount is provided when purchasing multiple licenses.

Screaming Frog is recommended for quickly scanning websites for issues and opportunities related to technical SEO, HTML elements, and links.

You can also use the website audit SEO tool to analyze competing websites for insights like how many words a page includes, page titles and meta tags, checking page topics, and inspecting internal links and anchor text between pages.

Screaming Frog Offer: Free Version with Limited Crawls

5. Deepcrawl

Best Technical SEO Audit Tools for Large Sites

Deepcrawl - Technical SEO Audit Tools

Deepcrawl is a complete cloud-based technical SEO platform for enterprise-level businesses made up of two SEO audit tools including DeepCrawl Detect, a website crawler tool to evaluate a site's technical health, and DeepCrawl Protect, an automated SEO test tool to stay informed of technical SEO best practices when code changes.

Deepcrawl Features

  • Technical SEO crawler gives you the ability to manage hundreds of metrics and simplifies technical SEO analysis for thousands to millions of pages.
  • Deepcrawl's automated SEO testing suite provides 207 automated SEO QA tests to help ensure code is SEO-friendly before publishing.
  • Useful segmentation features to focus on problem areas.
  • Create custom data pipelines and push data into a data warehouse or use official BI and Google Data Studio connectors.
  • Schedule site audit crawls at regular intervals.

Deepcrawl Plans & Pricing

Contacting Deepcrawl is required for access to pricing details.

Each plan is custom and based on including DeepCrawl Detect for SEO analytics and/or DeepCrawl Protect for SEO automation software, as well as user needs.

Deepcrawl is recommended for digital marketing agencies and enterprise companies who need to efficiently audit large websites and analyze page URLs at scale.

For smaller sites and SEO campaigns, the software is a bit costly and excessive.

6. Surfer

Best SEO Audit Tools for On-Page Optimization

Surfer - On-Page SEO Audit Tools

Surfer is a powerful on-page optimization and SEO audit tool for uncovering on-page issues, keyword research, content planning, and optimizing content in detail based on a data-driven analysis of top-ranking competitor pages based on 500+ factors.

Surfer Features

  • Surfer's SERP analyzer lets you compare a page to top-ranking competing pages for target keywords and check factors like keyword density, text length, NLP sentiment, page speed, number of headings, meta tags structure, and referring domains and URLs for link building opportunities.
  • Surfer's site audit identifies potential SEO issues and opportunities for your site’s existing content such as prominent terms your old content might be missing and internal linking opportunities.
  • Follow Surfer’s on-page suggestions and content guidelines to optimize your content based on Surfer's data-driven analysis of competitors to improve search results.
  • Surfer SEO will reverse-engineer search engine results for your target keyword and show you the elements that make up the top-ranking pages for that keyword. Surfer then gives you a page SEO score based on these findings. Element examples include related keywords used, questions, the total number of words, headings used, images, and more.
  • Surfer SEO offers a free Google Chrome extension for checking keyword and search volume data right in Google search results, and another Chrome extension for integrating the Surfer content editor with WordPress and Google Docs.

Surfer Plans & Pricing

Surfer Plans & Pricing

For monthly billed plans, Surfer provides a Basic plan at $59/month, a Pro plan at $119/month, and a Business plan at $239/month. Annually billed plans offer up to a 17% discount.

In terms of SEO auditing and optimizing content, the Basic plan includes 10 content editors per month, 20 audits per month, and free NLP insights (natural language processing feature) for the 1st month.

The Pro plan includes 30 content editors, 60 audits, and NLP insights every month.

The Business plan includes 70 content editors, 140 audits, NLP insights each month, white labeling options, and access to Surfer's API.

You can learn more about Surfer SEO pricing here.

Surfer is highly recommended for optimizing your content's on-page SEO with its data-driven word and phrase suggestions based on top-ranking pages in the Google SERPs.

The on-page audit and SERP analysis tools can help you understand the types of landing pages and elements that Google prefers to rank at the top of search results.

Check out my Surfer review to learn about its features in more detail.

Surfer Offer: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

7. Siteliner

Best Free SEO Audit Tools for Exploring Your Site

Siteliner - Free SEO Audit Tools

Siteliner offers free SEO audit tools by the creators of Copyscape that let you explore a website to reveal key issues that affect your site's quality and SEO rankings.

Siteliner Features

  • Check your website for duplicate content as well as common and unique content.
  • You can click on a page URL and see duplicate and common content highlighted.
  • View site averages for metrics like page size, load time, number of words per page, similar content, common content, incoming and outgoing links, total links, and inbound links, and see how your site compares with other sites for these metrics.
  • You can also identify broken links and download a site report.

Siteliner Plans & Pricing

Siteliner's free version is limited to a monthly analysis of sites with up to 250 pages.

The paid Siteliner Premium service lets you scan and analyze up to 25,000 site pages as often as you like, with the ability to save and review previous results.

Siteliner is worth using to get a high-level perspective on how much identical content is published across a website as well as how many words and links are being used.

8. ContentKing

Best SEO Audit Tools with Real-Time Monitoring

ContentKing - Real-Time SEO Audit Tools

ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring platform.

ContentKing Features

  • ContentKing monitors your pages 24/7 to provide near real-time alerts.
  • The interface makes it easy to search through identified site changes.
  • Track existing and new issues, and spot regressions between releases.
  • Built-in reference material explaining potential SEO issues.
  • Useful filtering options and visualizations for auditing any size site.
  • Convenient real-time dashboards and SEO reporting options.

ContentKing Plans & Pricing

ContentKing Plans & Pricing

ContentKing provides monthly plans with an annual billing option offering 2 months free. Adjusting the number of pages your sites have affects the price of each plan. The minimum number of pages you can select is 1,000 pages.

For monthly plans with 1,000 pages selected, ContentKing provides a Basic plan at $39/month, a Standard plan at $149/month, a Pro plan at $279/month, and an Enterprise plan at $1,189/month.

In regards to audit features, all plans include unlimited sites & rechecks, data retention, real-time auditing, 24/7 monitoring, change tracking, and SEO monitoring alerts.

Advanced features like custom element extraction, JavaScript rendering, and Core Web Vitals monitoring are unlocked starting with the Standard plan. The number of available integrations also depends on the plan.

ContentKing is a dedicated site auditing SEO tool for monitoring many sites or pages that are updated often, especially by more than one publisher and/or developer.

The software platform gives you the ability to monitor and get alerted about changes that might affect SEO before content or code is finalized or published.

ContentKing Offer: 14-Day Free Trial

9. Nightwatch

Best SEO Audit Tools with a Dedicated Rank Tracker


Nightwatch is an SEO software that provides technical SEO audit tools alongside a powerful rank tracker for major search engines and flexible reporting options.

Nightwatch Features

  • Check for SEO issues related to broken link statuses, redirects, header tags, open graph tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, slow pages, and large pages.
  • A customizable table for analyzing audited page URLs that lets you change the metrics in up to 4 columns side-by-side for an easy in-depth site analysis.
  • Affordably keyword tracking and auditing for many terms and websites.
  • Choose two dates to compare a recent audit with a previous audit.
  • Convenient report builder with templates to create SEO audit reports.

Nightwatch Plans & Pricing

Nightwatch Plans & Pricing

Nightwatch provides monthly plans or you can save 20% with annual billing.

Looking at monthly billing, Nightwatch offers a Starter plan at $39 per month, Optimize plan at $99 per month, and an Agency plan at $369 per month.

In terms of SEO audit features, the Starter plan gives you up to 50 sites tracked, 5,000 site audit pages, and a Google Analytics integration.

The Optimize provides up to 200 sites tracked, 10,000 audit pages, and unlocks white-label branded reports and a Google Search Console integration.

The Agency plan provides 1,000 sites tracked, 50,000 audit pages, and unlimited white-label reports.

Nightwatch is recommended as a low-cost SEO software platform that lets you track many keyword rankings and sites for the price while still being able to perform technical website audits and create SEO reports.

Nightwatch Offer: 14-Day Free Trial

10. Google Analytics

Best SEO Audit Tools for Understanding Website Traffic

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool for website traffic analysis. Analyze website traffic and get insights into how visitors navigate websites.

Google Analytics Features

  • Audit website traffic sources such as organic search, social media sites, and other referring sites, including location data.
  • See how visitors are engaging with a site, including which web or landing pages are viewed, in what order, and how long they're on your site.
  • You can integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics which lets you view and combine page and keyword data from GSC into GA.
  • You can set up Goals to track unique conversion actions, such as website form fills, specific page views, traffic segments, if a link was clicked, or a phone call occurred (call tracking software required).

Google Analytics Plans & Pricing

GA is free to use for up to 200 views per web property with up to 20 custom dimensions and metrics. However, there is a paid version called Analytics 360.

Analytics 30 provides additional features like 400 views per site property, cross-property roll-up reporting, 200 custom dimensions and metrics, data freshness within 4 hours, and unlimited data.

Google Analytics is recommended for use with all sites in order to better understand website traffic sources and user site behavior.

11. Google Search Console

Best SEO Audit Tools for Evaluating Google Search Presence

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is another free SEO audit tool that helps you manage a website's presence in Google Search and identify search-related issues that might arise.

Google Search Console Features

  • GSC lets you submit website XML sitemaps and new website pages to request quick indexing of page content into Google Search.
  • Identify pages indexed and visible in Google search results, and which searches are generating search impressions for your pages and driving clicks to your website.
  • Detect which pages are being blocked or prevented from being indexed in Google, and check for website penalties based on issues like low-quality content, keyword stuffing, and link spam.
  • Audit site pages to ensure they are search engine-friendly, mobile-friendly, and have no internal broken links. Identify loading, performance, and user experience issues.
  • View backlinks and internal links detected by Google.

Google Search Console Plans & Pricing

Currently, Google Search Console is completely free to use.

Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is recommended for use with all sites for additional data, site auditing, and to manage pages for indexing into the search engine.

12. Bing Webmaster Tools

Best SEO Audit Tools for Assessing Bing Search Presence

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools includes a free SEO auditing tool provided by Microsoft for managing a website's search presence in Bing Search and detecting any related issues that might arise.

Bing Webmaster Tools Features

  • Bing Webmaster Tools lets you submit website XML sitemap files and new website pages to request fast indexing of page content into Bing Search.
  • Identify pages indexed and visible in Bing Search results, and which Bing searches are producing search impressions for your web pages and resulting in clicks to your website.
  • Detect pages that are blocked or prevented from being indexed in Bing.
  • BWT provides a free on-demand SEO audit tool to crawl a website and check for common technical issues.
  • View backlinks and internal links detected by Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools Plans & Pricing

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free-to-use web service provided by Microsoft.

Similar to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools is recommended for use with all sites for additional SEO insights and indexing web content into the search engine.

13. Google PageSpeed Insights

Best SEO Audit Tools for Analyzing Page Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is an SEO audit tool from Google for checking page load speed and diagnosing performance issues of webpage URLs.

The results from a PageSpeed Insights audit are organized into three main categories including opportunities, diagnostics, and passed audits.

PageSpeed Insights Features

  • Diagnose load speed and user experience issues on mobile and desktop devices.
  • View parameters and suggestions for fixing issues to improve your page speed.
  • Suggestions for enabling page caching, reducing the use of slow-loading scripts, and optimizing or minifying CSS and Javascript code.
  • Review page performance on Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shifts, excessive DOM size, main-thread tasks, and image sizing and compression.
  • See any third-party code that's processed as your page loads, such as WordPress plugins, which can slow down site speed.

PageSpeed Plans & Pricing

Currently, Google's PageSpeed Insights is free to use.

Pagespeed Insights is worth using to audit web pages you are trying to rank since page speed is an important Google ranking factor and also greatly impacts user experience.

14. Google Lighthouse

Best SEO Audit Tools for Checking Page Performance & Accessibility

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for assessing and improving web page quality built into Chrome dev tools.

Google Lighthouse Features

  • Audit a web page for metrics and issues related to performance, progressive web apps, best practices, accessibility, and SEO.
  • Perform separate Lighthouse audits for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Performance-related metrics evaluated are similar to what Google PageSpeed Insights detects such as first contentful paint, time to interactive, speed index, total blocking time, largest contentful paint, and cumulative layout shift.
  • Analyze metrics related to accessibility like ARIA-related attributes, page color contrast, and if links have descriptive names and labels.
  • Check if a page is following best practices related to trust and safety like avoiding links to cross-origin destinations, using a strong Content Security Policy (CSP), and fixing identified browser errors.

Google Lighthouse Plans & Pricing

Google Lighthouse is open-source and free to use.

Google Lighthouse is recommended for auditing website pages to ensure pages follow not only basic SEO practices, but best practices related to accessibility, mobile usability, security, and performance which can all help SEO performance and user experience.

15. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Best SEO Audit Tools for Testing Structured Data & Rich Results

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google Structured Data Testing Tool is a simple set of two free audit tools that give you the ability to test and validate Google-based rich snippets and structured data code on a web page.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Features

  • The Rich Results Test detects which Google rich results can be generated by structured data found on a web page and lets you preview how rich results can look in Google Search.
  • The Schema Markup Validator identifies structured data on a web page and documents which code is correct as well as specific warnings related to using structured data based on schema.org code.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Plans & Pricing

Google Structured Data Testing Tool is free to use.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool lets you know of incorrect and correct structured data and is recommended for checking any web page that contains structured data or schema.org markup in its source code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a process of analyzing a website and related entities on the web like content and links for issues and opportunities related to improving visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why Perform SEO Audits?

Performing a website SEO audit reveals vital information related to improving search visibility. This includes information to prevent and correct issues and find opportunities.

What Are SEO Audit Tools?

SEO audit tools are used by SEO experts, digital marketers, and website owners to assess website health, search engine visibility, and improve ranking performance.

These SEO tools also make auditing and optimizing large websites or multiple sites with hundreds or thousands of changing web pages and content much more manageable.

Are There Free SEO Audit Tools?

Yes, some SEO audit tools are free to use. Examples include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Siteliner, PageSpeed Insights, and Screaming Frog (crawl up to 500 URLs for free).

These free SEO auditing tools are shared in more detail above.

Which is the Best Tool for SEO Audits?

The best tool for SEO audits depends on your needs, such as if you are looking to perform an on-page SEO audit, off-page SEO, or checking something specific like page speed.

You'll find reliable SEO audit tools for all of these use cases above.

Why Use SEO Audit Tools?

SEO audit software tools make evaluating and optimizing websites much easier.

Here are 7 benefits of using technical SEO audit tools:

  • Uncover weaknesses in your SEO strategy.
  • Identify competition and related opportunities.
  • Gain insight into competitor content that ranks.
  • Find topics and keywords to enhance your content.
  • Ensure pages are crawlable for search engines.
  • Clean up broken links and link redirects.
  • Resolve empty or incorrect HTML tags.

Final Thoughts: SEO Audit Software

The SEO audit tools recommended above should be all you need for your SEO efforts.

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Tools are important free tools for auditing your website traffic and visibility for Google and Bing.

Semrush, SE Ranking, and Ahrefs are popular all-in-one SEO platforms with solid website auditing tools and features.

Screaming Frog is a great desktop crawler for auditing on-site elements for most sites.

Deepcrawl and ContentKing are good solutions for monitoring and auditing large sites.

My Top Picks for SEO Audit Software:

  1. SE Ranking Free Trial – 14-day free trial access to the Essential plan.
  2. Semrush Free Trial – 7-day free trial with access to the Pro or Guru plan.
  3. Screaming Frog – Free version lets you crawl up to 500 URLs.

I hope this post helped you find the best SEO audit software for your needs.

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