Surfer SEO Pricing Plans (2023)

In this post, Surfer SEO pricing plans are compared in detail to help you determine which plan offered by the popular content creation tool is right for you in 2023.

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Surfer SEO Overview

Surfer is a powerful cloud-based software platform with features for SEO-optimizing written content, keyword research, content planning, page audits, and SERP analysis.

Founded by Michal Suski & Tomasz Niezgoda, Surfer has made a name for itself as the leading AI-driven content creation platform.

Surfer helps to streamline content creation by taking care of research, writing, and optimization. Surfer's AI gives you real-time suggestions within the Content Editor to help you optimize your content to rank higher and increase visibility on Google.

Surfer SEO Features

While plans differ, Surfer SEO includes several super helpful search engine optimization tools and add-on features bundled into an easy-to-use interface including:

  • Content Editor – Get on-page SEO suggestions while writing to help you rank.
  • Content Planner – Find related topics and keyword clusters to write about.
  • On-Page Audit – Audit your pages for LSI keywords, internal links, speed, and more.
  • SERP Analyzer – Uncover correlations in page elements and word usage vs the top-ranking competitors on the Google SERPs for your target search queries.
  • Keyword Research – A basic keyword research tool to discover related terms.
  • Grow Flow – Weekly AI-generated tasks to quickly enhance your SEO strategy.
  • Outline Generator – Free integrated AI-powered tool to create blog outlines.
  • Keyword Surfer – Free Chrome extension for keyword ideas and search volumes.

Surfer's auditing and natural language processing capabilities to instantly provide on-page guidelines and recommendations are cutting-edge compared to the competition.

Surfer utilizes two types of NLP including its own custom algorithm and another one based on Google's NLP API (application programming interface). As of now, Surfer NLP is available in 4 languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, and Polish.

The software not only informs you of the most impactful words and phrases to prioritize. You'll also uncover ranges to consider for keyword density, over usage, under usage, how terms are spread out through your content, word count, partial matches, and more.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO offers 4 plans in its pricing model. A Surfer SEO Lite plan starts at $29 per month or a rate of $19 per month with an annual subscription.

Note: Pricing information for Surfer is retrieved from the software provider's publicly accessible pricing materials. Final costs from the seller are subject to change.

Pricing information was last updated as of June 2023.

Learn more about Surfer SEO's plans and 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Much Does Surfer SEO Cost?

Surfer SEO Pricing Plans Updated
Surfer SEO Pricing Plans

Surfer SEO Monthly Pricing

Surfer Lite Plan – $29/month:

A starter option for individuals who want to use Surfer casually for projects or work:

  • 3 Content Editor credits per month
  • $8 per each additional Content Editor credit
  • Keyword Research: 10 per month
  • Organization seats not included
  • Jasper / Writesonic integration

Surfer SEO Essential Plan – $89/month:

The most popular option for individuals and small teams with medium-sized projects:

  • 7 Content Editor credits per month
  • $5 per each additional Content Editor credit
  • 2 organization seats
  • All features included
  • Shareable links
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Terms Assistant
  • Google Docs Integration
  • WordPress integration
  • Jasper / Writesonic integration

Surfer SEO Advanced Plan – $179/month:

The best option for experts and teams who require more flexibility and larger limits:

  • 25 Content Editor credits included
  • $3 per each additional Content Editor credit
  • 5 organization seats
  • All features included
  • Shareable links
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Terms Assistant
  • Google Docs Integration
  • WordPress integration
  • Jasper / Writesonic integration

Surfer SEO Max Plan – $299/month:

The most comprehensive Surfer plan for agencies and professionals:

  • 50 content editors per month
  • $3 per each additional Content Editor credit
  • 10 organization seats
  • Invite 10 team members
  • All features included
  • Shareable links
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Terms Assistant
  • Google Docs Integration
  • WordPress integration
  • Jasper / Writesonic integration
  • All add-ons included
  • Grow Flow
  • White label
  • API

Surfer also offers an Enterprise plan with a personalized experience, a dedicated success manager, product training, quarterly business reviews, and premium support. Custom pricing for large businesses and individuals with very high content needs.

Find out more about Surfer SEO's pricing plans.

Surfer SEO Annual Pricing

With Surfer's annual pricing plans, you can pay once a year for discounted rates. When you choose a yearly plan, you are charged upon registration once per year.

While subject to change, here are Surfer's annual plan costs as of June 2023:

Lite Plan – $228 per year (rate of $19 per month)

Essential Plan – $828 per year (rate of $69 per month)

Advanced Plan – $1788 per year (rate of $149 per month)

Max Plan – $2988 per year (rate of $249 per month)

Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

Surfer accepts credit and debit cards as payment methods for monthly and yearly subscriptions and bank transfers for annual subscriptions only.

Which Surfer Plan is Right for You?

Surfer is used by a wide variety of people for producing SEO-focused briefs, outlines, and search-optimized content in many different niches and industries.

The Essential Plan is best for:

  • Freelance writers, digital marketers, or SEO specialists just starting out.
  • A small business with a new site and under 30 or so pages of content.
  • Occasionally creating and optimizing content for fulfilling small projects.

The Advanced Plan is best for:

  • Copywriters, bloggers, or SEO professionals working on growing sites.
  • A small to mid-sized business with under 100 or so pages of content.
  • Actively creating and optimizing content to grow and scale sites or blogs.

The Max Plan is best for:

  • Marketing agencies, bloggers, copywriters, or SEOs with multiple sites.
  • Mid to large-sized companies with over 100 pages of content.
  • Very actively growing websites or blogs as part of a content team.
  • Those who require white-label reporting options or API access.

If you're in need of a customizable package with higher usage limits, you can contact Surfer's team to discuss a custom Enterprise plan with a dedicated success manager.

Final Thoughts

While there are alternatives such as MarketMuse, Frase, and ClearScope, Surfer's feature set makes it easy to SEO-optimize content with its valuable data-driven insights.

The strength of Surfer's algorithms in crawling top-ranking pages and surfacing insights can save you hours of time per piece of content. It's a one-of-a-kind software platform for guiding you to efficiently increase your content's rankings and search engine reach.

Its algorithm's ability to crawl through many competitor pages in minutes and provide accurate data on the most relevant terms to use and ways to apply those terms is an extremely valuable time-saving feature that Surfer does better than the competition.

My Rating: 4.9/5

Surfer's NLP words and content insights have helped me achieve 15-20% organic traffic growth each month for this site and acquire many number 1-3 ranking positions.

It's an essential part of my content creation workflow, and one of the best tools to maximize results from your on-page search engine optimization efforts.

Currently, Surfer does not offer a free trial but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can visit their website here to learn more and try out the software.

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