3 Best Affordable SEO Packages in 2024

Last modified on: March 18th, 2024

Looking for the best SEO packages in 2024 that drive results at an affordable price?

Here's a list of the best affordable SEO packages designed to improve your site's rankings on Google in order to generate more targeted traffic for your business.

These cost-effective SEO packages have helped thousands of businesses large and small improve their search engine presence to drive more leads and sales.

Keep in mind, there are SEO companies that charge between $2k-15k per month. These packages often include a higher volume of custom deliverables and support.

However, while prices are subject to change, the SEO providers below offer affordable packages with a consistent track record of getting real results for businesses.

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Top Affordable SEO Packages Overview

Here's a quick overview of the best affordable SEO package providers:

  • The Hoth – Reputable SEO packages for link-building, blog content, PPC, and more.
  • SEOReseller – Affordable SEO packages with extra custom on-site optimization.
  • Loganix – Monthly SEO packages for citation building and high authority backlinks.

Find out more about these affordable packages for SEO and their features below.

Criteria for Choosing Affordable SEO Packages

These SEO providers below were chosen based on several factors including:

  • A high number of positive customer reviews and case studies show results.
  • The SEO package costs are affordable and start under $1,000 per month.
  • Offer free consultations with friendly and experienced customer service.

What Are the Best Affordable SEO Packages?

Based on testing and reviewing these SEO packages for clients and personal projects, here are the 3 best affordable SEO packages:

1. The Hoth

Best affordable SEO packages to expand blog content and backlinks

Affordable SEO Packages - The Hoth X

The Hoth is an SEO company that provides affordable SEO packages. They also provide individual services related to SEO, PPC, and content creation.

The company has earned thousands of reviews online. These reviews reflect the results generated for businesses and the helpfulness of their support team.

SEO Package Features

  • Dedicated SEO expert
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Site content creation
  • Link-building services
  • Organic and local SEO packages
  • Transparent results reporting
  • White-label branded reports

Hoth X

The Hoth offers a popular managed SEO package known as Hoth X.

With Hoth X, based on your goals and budget, a dedicated SEO expert determines a strategy for you by investigating your website, your competition, and relevant keywords to determine a strategy for you.

These SEO packages include a combination of individual Hoth SEO services. The SEO pricing for these plans starts at $1100/month with a $250 one-time setup fee.

Example services that make up the SEO packages include:

  • Brainstorming relevant topics based on your goals
  • Writing and publishing SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Publishing guest posts on high-authority sites
  • Creating and updating local business citations
  • Submitting and syndicating press releases

After onboarding, your campaign manager develops an SEO strategy for your business. Then, the SEO expert conducts research to uncover profitable keywords to target.

The Hoth's link-building tactics include the creation of mini authority sites to build contextual links back to your site, publishing guest posts on high authority sites, local citations, and press releases.

All SEO packages include transparent deliverables and results reporting so you're aware of the links built, content created, and campaign results over time.

Hoth X SEO Packages start at $1100 per month and 1-time $250 setup fee.

Currently, the SEO service provider offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with a recent order, you can contact support within 30 days of receiving your report and the company will work with you to find a solution.

The Hoth is a popular choice for services with cheap SEO prices that move the needle.

Their SEO services are pretty effective at expanding your website with rankable content and links that help increase your search presence and traffic over time.

The Hoth offers a free consultation to discuss strategy, develop an SEO plan, and help you determine which SEO package is best for your business.

You can learn more about the Hoth X SEO packages here.

2. SEOReseller

Best low-cost SEO packages for on-site optimization and support

Affordable SEO Package Provider - SEOReseller

SEOReseller is an SEO services company that offers affordable SEO packages for small businesses, ecommerce stores, marketing agencies, and enterprise companies.

Whether you are a small business in need of SEO or a marketing agency looking for a solution to fulfill services for SEO clients, it's easy to order services, get support, and track campaign data with SEO Reseller's user-friendly portal and dashboard interface.

SEO Package Features

  • Keyword research
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO solutions
  • Organic and local SEO packages
  • Campaign manager
  • Detailed monthly SEO reports
  • White-label SEO solutions
  • No lock-in contracts

SEOReseller offers three different SEO package plans that include a variety of essential on-page and off-page deliverables focused on driving real results.

All projects are handled by a dedicated project manager and a team of experts including an SEO specialist, content creator, and web developers.

Each package includes a 30-minute intake call with an SEO consultant and a pre-intake site audit to ensure an effective campaign strategy for your business.

SEOReseller Plus Package (starting at $899/month):

The SEOReseller Plus Package is an entry-level SEO package geared towards new or small sites in low-competition niches.

With this package, you get 20 hours of dedicated work each month from a team of SEO specialists, writers, editors, and webmasters.

  • 30-minute intake call
  • Pre-intake site audit
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Content writing
  • Meta title & description optimization
  • Schema markup organization
  • Monthly reporting

SEOReseller Premium Package (starting at $1299/month):

Their most popular SEO package includes both on-page optimization and backlink building with up to 40 hours of dedicated work.

  • Plus package features plus:
  • 4 monthly guaranteed backlinks

SEOReseller Prime Package (starting at $1499/month):

Most comprehensive SEO package with up to 61 hours of work provided.

  • Premium package features plus:
  • 6 monthly guaranteed backlinks
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Site speed optimization for WordPress
  • 301 & 404 optimizations and fixing
  • Monthly keyword content building

SEOReseller's starter plan (the Plus package) doesn't offer off-page SEO deliverables. The mid-tier Premium package is required, which guarantees that four quality backlinks are built during each month of a campaign.

Custom SEO packages are also available depending on a business's needs as well as local, national, and international search engine optimization services.

SEOReseller provides reputable and affordable SEO packages with results-driven deliverables. Their SEO experts invest a lot of time into campaigns for the price.

This is also a convenient choice if you're looking for other digital marketing services, as the company offers individual services related to SEO, PPC, website design, social media management, online reputation management, and blogger outreach.

SEOReseller offers free consultations.

To learn more about their package offerings, visit the SEOReseller website here.

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3. Loganix

Best monthly SEO packages for building high-quality backlinks

Affordable SEO Service Packages - Loganix

A trusted partner of 5,000+ agencies, business owners, and brands, Loganix is an SEO agency that offers affordable SEO packages and an array of digital marketing services.

Loganix provides the option to order self-serve services in their dashboard or recruit an expert to manage your SEO strategies, production, and deployment for you.

Their low-cost SEO services include link building, campaigns for local or traditional SEO, content writing, and Google Ads PPC management.

SEO Package Features

  • Link outreach and placement
  • Updates to page titles and metatags
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Organic and local SEO packages
  • Dedicated SEO consultant
  • Dashboard reporting
  • White-label SEO services

Loganix offers two monthly SEO package plans. These packages include tweaks to your site's page titles and meta descriptions and link building to your top priority pages.

Loganix Standard Package ($500 one-time setup, then $500/mo):

Ideal for getting consistent content-based backlinks on a tight budget each month.

  • A basic SEO review to ensure your site is following best practices
  • Up to 10 optimized page titles and meta description tweaks
  • 2 guest post links from multi-topic sites including outreach
  • Article content is written in-house by US and Canadian writers
  • Guaranteed link placements or they're replaced at no cost
  • An easy-to-understand monthly report of guest posts and links built
  • Ongoing monthly link-building management by an experienced SEO

Guest post links are sourced from established, growing sites with an average DR of 30. Domain Rating is the strength of a site's backlink profile used by SEO tools like Ahrefs.

Loganix Authority Link Package ($500 one-time setup, then $1,000/mo):

Ideal for securing high-authority backlinks from niche-relevant websites.

  • A basic review of your site's current SEO performance
  • 10 optimized web page titles and meta description updates
  • 2 authority links from DR40+ niche-relevant domains and articles each month
  • Content is written by an experienced in-house team of U.S. and Canadian writers
  • Guaranteed placements or links of equal or better value sourced at no cost
  • Ongoing link-building management by an expert SEO

The main difference between these two packages is the type of backlinks acquired on a monthly basis. The authority links are sourced from stronger DR40+ domains. These links are also from sites that are relevant to your niche at the domain and article level.

Loganix Managed Agency Services

Loganix also provides managed agency services. These are fully-tailored campaigns managed by their digital marketing team. These campaigns implement a wider range of SEO services like content creation, keyword research, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

These customized campaigns are geared toward larger sites, businesses, or agencies and include:

  • One-on-one consulting and strategy calls with a dedicated strategist
  • Custom campaigns and complete services based on your situation and goals
  • Direct access (calls or Slack messaging) with a dedicated account manager

While not the cheapest, Loganix is worth checking out for acquiring consistent quality backlinks. They offer both affordable SEO packages and larger custom campaigns.

They also provide a convenient customer portal that makes it easy to order individual services and manage full SEO campaigns.

Loganix offers a free consultation.

To learn more, check out the Loganix SEO packages here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of improving visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

SEO can help get your business get in front of more potential customers.

SEO includes optimizing a website both on-page and off-page. These tactics can signal to search engine algorithms that the site should rank higher for relevant search terms. Terms like product or service offerings and other business information.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual pages and their content to rank higher for keywords relevant to a business.

Off-page SEO refers to actions taken on other sites to affect rankings. This includes sharing content and guest posting to expand web presence and earn backlinks.

Cheap SEO vs Affordable SEO

A cheap SEO service often takes a standard “cookie-cutter” approach to SEO efforts. These methods tend to result in slower results over time if any.

Affordable SEO services commonly offer a balance of low-cost deliverables with customizable features. More work is often invested each month to achieve results.

The best affordable SEO packages include SEO strategies and tactics that deliver real results. Examples include keyword research, copywriting, rank tracking, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and A/B testing.

Who Can Benefit from SEO Packages?

The right SEO packages can help many types of people and companies to affordably scale their SEO efforts and speed up results:

  • Solo webmasters
  • Freelance SEOs
  • Marketing consultants
  • Small business owners
  • Large enterprise companies
  • Digital marketing agencies

Final Thoughts on Affordable SEO Packages

The SEO companies above are worth checking out for affordable SEO packages.

The Hoth offers effective SEO packages for blog content and foundational backlinks. These packages have a good track record of improving rankings and domain authority.

SEOReseller packages offer on-site work like resolving technical or structural issues. These SEO packages are worth checking out for custom on-site optimization.

Loganix is the way to go if you're looking to build quality, niche-relevant backlinks. While they specialize in backlinks, they also offer a range of marketing services.

All three companies offer free consultations, affordable SEO packages, and individual services you can order through their dashboards to improve your rankings and traffic.

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